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What to Consider when you Want to Purchase your First Bong

If you are not well conversant with smoking, you will be very confused when you go to buy your first bong. There are very many varieties of bongs that differ from sizes, materials and sizes and that makes its quite frustrating when you try to get the right bong that you desire. Your individual preference and taste will direct what type of bong you buy, although all of them can produce the result you desire. Smoking with a bong is more about the experience that you get than it is about smoking. That is why it is very essential that when you are about to buy a bong, you put some things into consideration because your experience could be dependent on them.

For stylish purposes, most people prefer glass bongs. There are various materials used to make bongs. Plastic, ceramic and metal and among materials included in the making. Glass is easy to maintain in terms of cleanliness and it looks style and that is why most people prefer them. If you are buying a bong for outdoor camping with friends, the glass bong might not be the best for you because it is so fragile. Metal and plastic bongs are not so fragile and so it is not risky packing around.

Having the size of the bong in mind is important. A big bong will carry more smoke that goes for long periods. A smaller bong will not be able to accumulate alot of smoke. A larger glass bong requires more responsibility because of its fragile nature. It is hectic to carry around a larger glass bong. It is an advantage to a large plastic bong.

The material and size are determined by the venue of use and purpose. If you are planning to use it at home, it is good to check if you live alone or with kids. Know the surface of the ground if you plan to use it outdoor.

The price of the bong is crucial to know. Some bongs are relatively cheap while others are relatively expensive. Choose the right price that will be okay to you. The quality of the bong determines the price. It is advisable that as a first-timer, you buy a cheaper and smaller one then upgrade to a bigger one with time. Calculate well and know how much you are willing to spend on a bong a bong. The much you are willing to spend will determine the level of experience that you get. High-quality bong is expensive and you will want to factor this in mind.

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